Tips To Having A Great Spring Garden

Now that the weather is turning a little warmer, many peoples’ thoughts are turning to gardening. While outdoor spaces tend to be a little neglected in winter, spring can be a frenzy of seed growing and landscaping. So there is a need for structure and organization, or things won’t go too smoothly. Here are our best gardening tips for spring, to help get you started.

Tidy Up The Boarders And Flower Beds

You may find that your boarders are looking a little sad and overgrown after a long winter, so before you can get started with planting new flowers and shrubs you will need to tidy up the flower beds. Remove as much garden debris as possible and hack back any dead growth from deciduous plants. Once you have cleared the area, dig in some compost to provide fertile ground for sowing.

Scrub Your Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse then it is best to give it a good spring clean before it houses your new seedlings. Clean dirty panes of glass to allow in optimum light and disinfect the inside too. Disinfecting the area will help to kill any lingering pests or diseases which could infect your new plants.

Start Sewing Seeds

Some plants and vegetables need a long growing season, such as geraniums and aubergines. Because the weather is still unpredictable and there may still be early morning frost, start seeds off in a propagator to encourage growth.

Put In A Rain Barrel

One of the best tips we can offer for a spring garden is to put in a rain barrel. Many areas see seasonal rainfall at this time of year, so it is the best time to fill up a barrel. Using a rain barrel for watering your plants is better than using tap water, as the rain is less alkaline.

Replant Deciduous Shrubs

If you want to move any of your shrubs, spring is the time to do it. The plant is less likely to suffer detrimental effects if you move it while it is still dormant. You should try to keep a ball of soil around the roots when you dig it out, as this will help the shrub to establish itself in the new location more quickly.

Fix Your Fences

If there is still a bit of a chill in the air you may be reluctant to go outside and make any necessary repairs. However, it is best to get these tasks out of the way in early spring. Later on, you will be busy with planting, picking and pruning – not to mention the fact that you may want to sit in the yard and enjoy the warm spring sunshine, rather than mending fences.

Clean Up Your Tools

Many people neglect to clean their gardening tools, but there are some sound reasons for doing it. First of all, clean tools will help prevent the spread of fungi and diseases. Secateurs can be a big culprit for this. But taking the time to sharpen your tools will also keep them working effectively for longer.

Our gardening tips for spring will help you to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. By taking care of your tools, fixing your fences, and just maintaining your space for the garden, you will be able to enjoy this relaxing past time.

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